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Ani-com Park@Harbour “FUN” phrase 2 - Grand opening

Like...An ani-com artist



Reflecting the significance of today’s event, Dr. CHAN Pak-li, Bernard, JP, Under Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, Ms. Jersey Yuen, Assistant Head (Designated)  of Create Hong Kong (CreateHK) of the Government of HKSAR, Dr. HUANG Tony Jademan Xian Zhen, chairman of Hong Kong Comics and Animation Federation, Mr. NG Kam-chun, Stephen, BBS, MH, JP, President of Wan Chai District Council, Mr. NG Wing-shun Anthony Vincent, JP, Chairman of Harbourfront Commission, Ms. NG Yuen-ting, Yolanda, MH, Chairperson of Cultural & Leisure Services Committee of Wan Chai District Council and Mr. WAN Siu-lin Alan, Project Director of Ani-com Park@Harbour “FUN” are invited as guests of honor for the opening ceremony. Several Ani-Com artists show up in the opening ceremony to support the development of local comic and animation industry.

“Ani-com Park@Harbour “FUN” phrase 2 - Like...An ani-com artist” is organized by Hong Kong Comics and Animation Federation and sponsored by Create Hong Kong (CreateHK) of the Government of HKSAR. This project is supported by Tourism Commission, Cultural & Leisure Services Committee of Wan Chai District Council, Hong Kong Tourism Board, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Leisure and Cultural Services Department, Hong Kong Arts Centre, HKANIMA, Hong Kong Digital Entertainment Association, Ani-Com & Games Hong Kong, Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education, Hong Kong Game Industry Association and Habourfront Commission (listed in no particular order). Ani-Com artists including Dr. HUANG Tony Jademan Xian Zhen, Mr. MA Wing-shing, Mr. LAU Jeffrey, Mr. LO Cuson, Mr. KEUNG CK, Ms. SO Stella, Postgal Workshop, Mr. MA Sing-yuen, Mr. IP Felix, Mr. FUNG Chi-ming, Mr. DIO, Mr. HO Chi-man, Mr. LAM Elphonso, and new Ani-Com artists Mr. SO Pen, Ms. PANG Bonnie and Mr. LAU Kwong-shing show up in the ceremony and meet the public (listed in no particular order). They also take pictures with the character sculptures in the Ani-com Park@Harbour “FUN”.


New launched AR photo function, New creative hotspot in Wan Chai


“Ani-com Park@Habour “FUN”” was completed in 2016. The park aims to promote local comic and animation industry and is a landmark in Wan Chai. The park gains unanimous acclaims from visitors and artists. The visitor flow is over 3 million up to the present. To further strengthen the core theme “selfie” in phase one of the park, phase two uses the theme “Like…An ani-com artist” and invites visitors to experience the life of an Ani-Com artist. AR photo functions are launched in the park to accommodate with the smart city development.


In the speech given at the opening ceremony, Dr. HUANG Tony Jademan Xian Zhen, chairman of Hong Kong Comics and Animation Federation mentions his visions that local cultural and creative industries could be promoted with the launch of the park. This will increase the international competitive power of the Hong Kong comic industry. It is also one of the creative hotspots in the creative community in Wan Chai.


Ms. Jersey Yuen, Assistant Head (Designated) of Create Hong Kong (CreateHK) of the Government of HKSAR, shows her gratitude to the organizer Hong Kong Comics and Animation Federation and supporting organizations including Wan Chai District Council, Harbourfront Commission and Tourism Commission, for their contribution to the establishment of this new launched Ani-Com landmark on the waterfront promenade in Wan Chai.


Local Culture in the world of creation


There are 36 sculptures of local comic characters in phase two of Ani-com park@harbour “FUN”. In addition to new scenes of the original 19 characters in phase one including Old Master Q, Ding Ding Penguin and Cuson, there will be 17 new comic characters including 6 brand new characters by different local Ani-Com artists shown in the park, including Wang To, Mandycat and Lobintan etc. In phase two, visitors can take AR photos with the interactive software for the park. Each of the sculptures has their own AR effects to increase interactions with visitors. To further promote local culture, the sculptures are place in localized scenes. Visitors can interact with the sculptures in scenes like “Villain hitting” or walking into Ani-Com world through a XL-size tablet. Visitors can also sit on enlarged stationery on the XL-sized desk and take AR pictures with some of the sculptures, or to understand more of the new comics or animations by new local Ani-Com artists.


Promoting creative industry by combining technology and tourism


Hong Kong Commerce and Economic Development Bureau is restructuring Wan Chai district recently. This project includes Ani-com park@harbour “FUN”, “Blue House” at Stone Nullah Lane, The old Wan Chai Post Office and Lee Tung Street etc. #dd城市行者, #dd城市故事 and the AR guided tour “HKACT! Act 1 BeHere by Masaki Fujihata AR guided tour” are also part of this project, aimed to promote Hong Kong’s information and technology industry and historical cultures. Hong Kong Tourism Board also encourages to heighten tourists’ interest in local Ani-Com industry by including Ani-com park@harbour “FUN” in the itineraries.


Ani-com park@harbour “FUN” is located at the waterfront promenade next to Golden Bauhinia Square in Wan Chai. The park is open to public. Visitors are recommended to download the interactive software before their visits. The software is available on the official website of Ani-com park@harbour “FUN”.

For more information, please visit the official website:

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