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Sponsored by Create Hong Kong (CreateHK) under the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau, HKSAR, the Hong Kong Comics and Animation Federation (HKCAF) built the Ani-Com Park@Harbour"FUN" in 2016, focuses on promoting Hong Kong animation and comics industry.  Until the end of 2018, over 3 million visitors have visited the park, winning likes and praises from tourists and comics artists, and it has become the landmark of Wanchai.


To further market the Hong Kong comics and animation industry and to attract more local citizens and tourists, the Hong Kong Comics and Animation Federation (HKCAF) has been sponsored by CreateHK again and will kick off the 2nd phase development programme of the park in 2019, together with the great supports from the Tourism Commission, Wanchai District Board, related government departments and industry associations.  The park will be re-designed and enriched with new elements, so as to bring new experience and excitements to visitors.  The programme will be lasted for two years, opened to visitors from April 2019 to March 2021 with free admission.


The objectives of the second phase of the Ani-Com Park@Harbour"FUN" are as follows:

To empower the brand promotion of the Hong Kong Comics and Animation Industry, and to enhance the promotion for well-known as well as new artists.

To establish a new tourist attraction in Hong Kong through interactions with public.

To exhibit the culture of Hong Kong comics and animations to local citizens and tourists, and to enhance the international image of the industry.

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