“Like… an Ani-Com artist”


Ani-Com Park@Harbour"FUN" has become a tourist hotspot since its launch.  In phase one of the park, “Selfie” is the core theme.  In phase two, this theme is further strengthened and enriched with much more fun and imaginations, visitors can immerse into the life of Ani-Com artists, as well as interact with classic ani-com characters.


Do you want to live like an Ani-Com artist?  Visitors can sit on their pen, rubber or XL size desk to experience the daily life of an Ani-Com artist.  A piece of tiny toy, or Hong Kong fine food like egg-tart or milk tea… they can help to ignite infinite creative inspirations!  Welcome to the big big world, where you can explore the Ani-Com artist’s life and process of creations.


36 funny and lovely ani-com characters are there for selfies! Don’t forget to download the interactive software of the park which brings you AR photo function, so that you can capture your very own iconic moments, for example, those big comic books are check-in attractions for wonderful selfies!


Ani-Com Park@Harbour"FUN" brings you “Big” fun, at the same time, you can enjoy living like an Ani-Com artist, as a comics fan, don’t miss a chance of a “big” visit!