Chan was in the field of advertising before he commenced his comic career in 1996 when he came first in the Youth Group at the 6th Tong Li Comics New Star Award with his debut short comic work Unhuman. He released his first offprint Unhuman in summer 1998, which was an instant hit. In 1999, his sci-fi work God Pretender won the Best Art award in the 3rd Asia Manga Summit. In April 2001, Chan published The Ravages of Time, a breakthrough to conventional viewpoint on the Three Kingdoms period with new storyline, narrative approach and unique style. 18 years since it was released, the comic series has been published in major cities and countries in Asia, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Indonesia and China. ​

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Eight Enigmas

Eight Enigmas are eight key characters in The Ravages of Time, a group of elite military strategists trained by Mr. Shuijing (Sima Hui). All eight members are the most sought-after military strategists among the vassals. Except a few original characters, most members of the Eight Enigmas are created based on real historical figures. They dress themselves in the same mysterious way – a t-shaped bun, a bamboo hat, a face mask with only eyes exposed, white gown covered with black cloth, black boots, etc. The enigmatic look adds a touch of charisma to the characters that arouses readers’ discussion.

Chan Mou



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