Huang Rong

The comics The Legend of the Condor Heroes was adapted from Louis Cha's most representative novel. The female protagonist Huang Rong is the daughter of "Eastern Heretic" Huang Yaoshi and the wife of Guo Jing, disciple of "Northern Beggar" Hong Qigong. The quick-witted and intelligent character is good at “Dog Beating Staff Technique” and Qimen Dunjia divination.

The internationally renowned artist and winner of Japan's first International Manga Award took to illustration art in 1981, dabbling in a variety of genres including comics, illustration, water ink paintings, and western paintings. In 1990s, Lee collaborated with SCHOLAR, a Japanese publisher to release the comics Records of the Three Kingdoms and Sun Zi’s Tactics, etc. In 1997, Lee jointly founded a publishing house with Hong Kong famous writer Louis Cha (Jin Yong) and published the comics The Legend of the Condor Heroes and The Smiling, Proud Wanderer, while he also worked on the illustration on Cha’s novel covers.  In 2017, Lee participated in organizing the special exhibition entitled “Exhibition on Paintings Adapted from Jin Yong's Novels” at Hong Kong Heritage Museum. In the past decade, Lee devoted himself to art creation and a large volume of his works were selected and housed in museums and private collections.

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