Tony Huang

Ji Fa

Ji Fa, protagonist of Legend of Emperors: The Founding of the Zhou Dynasty, is King Wu of Zhou, the son and successor to Ji Chang, King Wen of Zhou. The story tells the legendary life of Ji Fa who inherited his father’s martial arts skills from the Guang Cheng Xian School. As he went on his adventure, he was able to learn the invincible skills from the ancient goddess Nüwa, while he met heroes from all walks of life. After the death of Ji Chang, Ji Fa inherited the throne and gathered the power of all vassals to defeat King Zhou of the Shang Dynasty.

Dr. Huang Tony Jademan Xian Zhen, a legendary figure in the Hong Kong comics world, was born in Jiangmen, Guangdong Province in 1950, and immigrated to Hong Kong when he was six. He submitted his comic pieces to the press at the age of 10 and these early works were posted by The Chinese Student Weekly Reunion, Youth Park etc. Dr. Wong engaged in the comics industry at the age of 13. When he reached 17, he built up his own publisher and was totally responsible for creating, drawing and publishing. For his contribution and influence on a generation of artists in the local industry, Dr. Wong is regarded as the "Godfather of Hong Kong Comics"



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