Tie Zong Heng, the protagonist of The Lawless is the first disciple of Tian Wei Men, founded by his foster father Zhuo Tien Wei. In his teenage years, he witnessed Zhuo Tien Wei being killed by Chi Wu, which led to the dissolution of Tian Wei Men. Since then, Tie Zong Heng roved all over the world and became a bounty hunter. Later, he was saved by Lei Heng in an accident. To return to his favor, Tie Zong Heng accepted his invitation to start an official career.

James Khoo is Hong Kong’s top comic artist who fascinated tens of thousands of readers in South East Asia with his comic works. Setting foot in the comic field at 14, he started to release his comics at 20 as a budding artist. His first publication Iron Marshal was released in 1989 and received very good reputation. In 1992, Khoo set up a publishing company with his friends to publish the hardcover version of Dragon Lord. It made a huge success selling more than 50,000 copies in Hong Kong alone.


In 1993, he joined Jademan Comics as art director until 2007, when he founded Lucky Dragon Comics & Animation Ltd. His publications include Amazing Weapons 4, The 8th Copper Man in Shaolin, Kung Fu, Kill The King, etc.

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James Khoo Fuk-lung