Mandycat (Mushroom head): a female figure who often appears in love life and office life. In love stories, Mandycat is a cat lover who is tolerant to cats but strict with her boyfriend. In office comic strips, her nickname is “Mushroom Head”. No different from general office workers, she looks on or reluctantly gets involved in office politics.

Michael: a black and white cat who is eccentric and dissociable. He is the big bother at home.

Dor Dor: a ginger cat in lack of poise and likes to fight for anything.

Dumb Potato: a grey and white cat who is not dumb at all but naughty as hell.

About Mandycat……

Mandycat, Pisces, a cat lover who sees cat as her soulmate. She loves drawing from an early age and loves to observe silly things in life and express her feelings with a few simple strokes. After college, Mandycat worked as an editor for various magazines in Hong Kong, while her comics were seen on numerous newspapers and magazines. Mandycat has been a full-time writer and illustrator since 2011. She draws and writes columns on different platforms covering a vast range of topics, including cats, love and relationships, office life and silly things. Following her success, Mandycat has launched her own line of products. Mandycat has a series of “he she it” books and a series of books inspired by office life, which are collections of her much-loved column “office weekly” at Yahoo. To this day, more than 20 books were published. In February 2015, she was invited to participate in the International Comic Festival held in Angouleme, France. In 2017, she was the winner of Hong Kong Golden Book Awards. In 2018, Mandycat received the Distinguished Alumni Communicator Award from the School of Communication at Hong Kong Baptist University.

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