On On


Guy Guy

On On and Guy Guy were created by Siuhak in 2004, as inspired by An An and Jia Jia, the two giant pandas kept in the Ocean Park. Turning a deaf ear to what they do not want to hear, On On and Guy Guy make a lot of Hong Kong style Cantonese jokes. The comic work also makes a mock of local instant culture and current affairs. The two panda-a-pandas often forget their own names, bearing a resemblance to Hong Kong people in post-handover era who have to re-recognize their identity. Siuhak’s famous works include the Fake Forensic Science series.



Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in Graphic Design from the School of Design of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 1996, Siuhak engaged in local illustrations, comics, animations and scriptwriting on a freelance basis. In 2004, he formed the comic group “Springrolllll” with Craig Au Yeung, Eric So, Yeung Hok Tak and Chi Hoi. From 2004 to 2008, he was a guest tutor in the School of Design of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He started to compose lyrics for canto pop in 2008.


Siuhak’s best known works include the Fake Forensic Science comic series and  He is active in the advertising field by co-launching crossover programs with renowned brands, while he also participates in shopping mall promotion activities. In 2009, Siuhak opened the “Panda-a-Panda” theme shop.

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