Suet Ching

Suet Ching is the soul of "Happy Life Pad". She grows up in a poor but warm big family. Most of her stuff are second-hand, for example books from her elder brother, but luckily the used books appear new as her brother doesn’t like reading. She also wears third-hand clothes from two elder sisters. Suet Ching has been easy-going, open-minded but careless since childhood. She wishes to live happily forever with her three adopted stray pets like in the fairy tale.

The locally born artist commenced her comic career in early 1990s with her debut comic series released in “Yes!”, a popular magazine at that time. In 2007, she founded her own publishing house and “Happy Life Pad” was published in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. The picture book series, known for its amusing, warm and sweet style, was a smash hit. In recent years, Suet Ching begins to adapt fiction into comics. In 2016, her girl serial comics “Date with Wizard” was launched on an original comics mobile app in China. In 2018, she serialized her new comic series “My Lovely Kayla” on the US comics app Tapas. Her representative works include “Happy Life Pad”, “Twinkle Star”, "Toast family", etc.

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Suet Ching



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