Comic artist Bigsoil graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in Graphic Design from the Department of Graphic Design of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He once served as the art director for Hong Kong Commercial Radio and Metro Radio. Bigsoil published his comic works in a daily column The World In My Eyes in the local newspaper Oriental Daily. His published works include In The City, We Dream, A Lelecooper Travelogue, Always Out There, In The City, We Dream revised version 2011, Love Is… and To Love Oneself, etc. In 2011, Always Out There was selected in the 23rd Secondary Students’ Best Ten Books Election, while an animated version of Always Out There won the fifth place in Japan’s DigiCon6 Hong Kong Regional Award. Besides his creative endeavours, Bigsoil teaches illustration in several government-funded tertiary institutions. Meanwhile, he hosts talk shows on Hong Kong Metro Radio Finance Channel and Metro Digital Life Channel. In 2018, Bigsoil partnered with artist Karena Lam to create a children book series to raise funds for End Child Sexual Abuse Foundation.

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The White Bear comes from a lonely planet, wishes to encounter his fellows through giving. The Boy, an ordinary child like you and me, wishes he could fly one day to search for a different self in another corner of the world. One day in summer, the Boy met the White Bear. Since then, the White Bear stays with the Boy and becomes his guardian angel. They support and encourage each other, moving forward together to discover the more beautiful new world.



The White Bear


The Boy