Wind is one of the protagonists in the famous comic strip Storm Warriors. He is the chief of Under Heaven Society, specialized in various styles of martial arts including the “Ice-Drinking Saber”. Wind is good looking, kind, righteous and he hates injustice. His formidable prowess earns him the nickname "God in the Winds"

The "Berserk Blood" which runs in him and his family can burst into an astonishing power of destruction. Wind and Cloud are seen as the legendary fighters in the martial arts world.

Ma Wing-shing was locally born in 1961. Gifted in painting, he entered the comic industry in 1976 when he was only 14 and published his debut title at the age of 15. He started composing and drawing A Man Called Hero in 1982, an early work that saw him rise to fame. It is also one of the bestselling comic books in Hong Kong with over 200,000 copies sold locally alone. Apart from achieving this second-to-none circulation, Ma also innovated Hong Kong comics by introducing realistic technics, delicate touches and cinematic expressions, making a far-reaching impact on subsequent works and securing his leadership in the industry and in art.


In 1989, Ma founded Jonesky Limited and released Storm Warriors, which has been topping the selling chart since its release 23 years ago. Ma also published a number of well-known comics including Black Leopard, Bipolar, The Heaven Sword and the Dragon Sabre, Heroes Shed No Tears, Snow Fox, Hero and Brilliant Century, which made him a prominent figure in local comics.

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